Guest Rooms in Correze

A stay at the Jardins Saint-Éloi offers you the tranquility of an exceptional place, close to many points of interest and tourist sites.

From Le Lonzac, you have the choice. Do you fancy a peaceful stay by the pool under the majestic trees or in your elegant room? Do you prefer to explore the Plateau de Millevaches, the Vézère Valley, or the Dordogne Valley? Everything is possible.

A stay in a guest room near Tulle in Corrèze offers the advantage of being ideally located to radiate throughout the region.


Worthwhile Locations

Worthwile locations and exceptional gardens

A large number of historic and remarkable cultural sites are located near the Jardins Saint-Éloi, guest rooms in Le Lonzac in Corrèze. Here is a selection:

Sports and discovery activities

The region has many sites equipped with infrastructures for the practice of various sports activities, in particular whitewater sports. Stay in our guest rooms at Le Lonzac and discover many sites offering sports and relaxation activities.